The main living room features a fireplace and pool table along with cable TV, stereo, and great views of the lake. What a combo....Pool and lake!!
The dining/kitchen. Fully equipped with additional tables and chairs available. The entryway. It has plenty of hangers for your coats and a wooden bench crafted a by a good friend of ours given to us as a wedding present.
The large eat-in kitchen offers ample seating and meal preparation space. There is an "all-fridge" refrigerator, a fridge and freezer and a freezer to work with.


The woodstove is to the left.

View from the TV end of the main living room. Yes, this room is huge and basically has 3 parts to it.

The TV end with DVD, VCR and Playstation 2 along with the fireplace and 2 and a half coffee tables.

The Pool table section with barstools and table.

The nook and cranny section with couch, coffee table and full futon sleep area.  the screened porch is in the distance on the right.


Note the French doors in the distance which separate most of the bedrooms and the second living room from the main part of the house keeping things nice and quiet for the early to bed birds. Front door (open) to outside and bathroom/laundry room behind. Note the ceiling fan over the dining table.
The second living room also called the "Map" room because it is wall to wall with topographic maps of the area, the Appalachian trail and state maps to name a few. It also has a lot of interesting railroadiana pictures, diagrams and posters.

This room also has a cable TV.

The 2 bedrooms straight ahead of the second living room each have queens and one also has a twin. Access to the new bedroom with queen and 2 twins is down a short corridor to the left behind the TV.

Down the stairs from the kitchen to the wine cellar bedroom and bunk room.

Note the incredible brickwork!


The wine cellar bedroom has a full with twin.

The bunkroom or "catacombs" has 2 twins and a full.


Now this is a one of a kind bunkroom...

This room faces the lake.

The boiler plate, originally from when this house was part of the clothespin mill is a good place to store your wine bottles.  

Facing the lake on the right side of the house is the Master bedroom suite, with its own  private entrance from outside as well as inside. It also has a private bathroom.

1 king bed and 1 twin bed along with a cable TV.

The new bedroom as of February, 2006.

This is also on the north side facing the parking lot. It has a queen and a twin.

Now come on into the "Mega-bedroom."

It has 2 full size beds, 2 twins, and the loft can sleep 4.

This bedroom is on the north side of the house which is on the right when facing the lake.



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