Frequently Asked  Questions

Can the houses be rented for any amount of time?
Glen Ledge Station and North Conway Station can be rented for any length of time.

Bryant Pond Station is weekly rentals only, from the last week of June until the end of August. At the other times of the year, these stations rent for any length of time.
What are the weekly rental periods?
Glen Ledge Station is Friday to Friday rentals.

Bryant Pond Station and North Conway Station are Saturday to Saturday rentals.

What are the check-in/check-out times?
Standard check-in is 3:00 PM, standard check-out is 11:00 AM.
Exceptions to this rule can be made if there are no immediate renters coming in (IE the same day as your departure).
1: Check-out can be extended to 1:00 PM free of charge.
2: Check out can be extended to 5PM for an additional 50.00.

What is supplied at the house?
All sheets, blankets, pillows etc are supplied.
Trash bags, dish liquid, dishwasher soap, various cleaners are also supplied.
The kitchen is fully equipped with utensils, cookware, dishware.
Firewood is provided along with firepit wood (BPS only).

Grille is charcoal and renter supplies charcoal and lighter fluid.
Plowing along with sand and shovels are also provided.
24 hour caretaking.
Trash removal.

What is NOT supplied?
Bath, beach, and hand towels are not supplied.
Paper product are not supplied.
Laundry detergent is not supplied.

How does the booking process work?
All official bookings MUST be initially committed to verbally on the telephone with the owner.
Once there is a verbal commitment, the renter obtains sole possession of the desired dates pending the following:
A filled out, signed and dated agreement form plus half the rental amount (excluding tax, cleaning fee, and any other fees along with the security deposit) must be received by the owner in no more than 5 days from time of commitment. If payment is not received in the 5 day period, the reserved dates then become available for others to rent which could cause forfeiture.

Once the owner receives payment, the renter will be notified via E-mail or phone.

After I verbally commit, what do I do next?
Once you have committed, It is EXTREMELY important that you send us an E-mail in which the subject line contains the house name or initials (IE Bryant pond station would be "BPS") and the dates (Ex: 7/23-30) in the main body of the email. Type in your name and your contact information.

When is the balance (remaining rental amount, tax and cleaning fee)Due?
The balance along with security deposit (see below) is normally due 30 days prior to the arrival date. Exceptions to this rule, if any, are listed on the agreement form.

What is the standard security deposit?
500 dollars written as a separate check and sent along with the final payment. This check is not cashed if all is well at the conclusion of each rental with a leeway time of 14 days for the home to be inspected.
Owner reserves the right to increase security deposits for any reason.

What can cause my security deposit to be all or partially forfeited?
The most common reasons are for failure to comply with the departure instructions, proper trash disposal in the designated area, leaving the heat turned up, and significant broken items not reported.

What is the cancellation policy:
Absolutely no cancellations unless we can re-rent the property to another group. 100 dollar cancellation fee is applied.
Should the property be re-rented at a lesser price, the difference will be deducted from payments received by the cancelling renter.
Cancelling renter will be promptly notified and balance less the cancellation fee will be promptly mailed back.

Are discounts given to "repeat" renters?
Absolutely! We try to give a bit of a discount to "repeaters"as we call them. Once you stay at any of our 4 homes, you will be entitled a discount at ANY of the homes in the future. NOTE: as with many situations these days, rising oil  prices, taxes, etc.can have an impact on our discount ability.

Does renting one of the houses give "free reign" as to how I behave while I am there?
Absolutely NOT! First and foremost we want your stationvacation stay to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience in our super locations. Although you are paying rent, we do not just rent to "anyone", and we request that you treat your stay as a "privilege". We expect your party to respect any neighbors, be aware of noise control, cleanliness indoors and outdoors, and prompt reporting of ANY problems that may arise so we can repair or resolve any issues that may arise to get you back to having a GREAT "stationvacation"!

How do I obtain the keys?
It is important for you to call us during the week prior to your arrival to go over any last minute items, making sure you have everything you need, and to discuss the intricacies of the house you are staying at, so you can start enjoying your vacation the moment you arrive!

We will also discuss acquiring the house keys at this point.

Thank you!





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